sábado, 18 de agosto de 2012

Anuncios creativos para paradas de colectivos

El Profesor Martín Estevez nos acerca la siguiente nota:

Advertisers are having to become more and more innovative to capture the public’s attention, and bus shelters are a popular spot for them to deploy the best and brightest ideas. Many companies recognise bus shelters as an important spot for ambient advertising as consumers can be sat around for a long time and need something to keep them occupied and dispel boredom.
This list of 100 bus shelter adverts highlight the ads that are most alluring, funny, creative and eye-catching from around the world. Some are decorative, some make you think and some just mess around with bus shelters in crazy and dumb-founding ways.

PlayStation 2

Agency: Unknown
This Malaysian bus stop is sure to have made a few commuters late for work back in the day, as it is covered bubble wrap. And who can resist bubble wrap? The bubbles were covered in PlayStation 2 buttons (triangles, crosses, circles and squares), marking the cross-section between ambient advertising and gaming practice.[Via Wa


Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi
Extreme sports clothing Quicksilver attached a quarter pipe skateboarding ramp to the side of a bus stop in a bid to encourage youths and hooligans into the open as well as to promote their brand.

Formula 1

Agency: Unknown
Formula 1 has been growing in Asia and the number of Grand Prix races held in the Far East has grown in the past few years; this bus station was augmented to promote the Singapore Grand Prix and is decorated in the style of chequered flags, with a model F1 car on top.

Guaraná Antarctica

Agency: Duda Propaganda
Brazilian soft drinks company Guaraná Antarctica really got in the mood for the last World Cup, replacing bus shelters across São Paulo with actual goals. Gimmicky, but this surely played into the national mood.

Luxurious Football Bus Stop

This luxurious bus stop in near Baltasound in Unst, United Kingdom is another public privilege dedicated to the king sport. It features a TV, sofa, phone, and football-themed cushions for visitors to comfortably watch World Cup while waiting for their bus to come.
Source 1

Air-Conditioned Bus Stop

United Arab Emirates lives up to its fame as a rich oil country where its residents can enjoy the best public facilities. Even its bus stops are fully enclosed and air-conditioned! This bus stop is located next to Burj al Arab and Wild Wadi the theme park. It includes a button inside to call out to bus drivers.

Para ver más ejemplos pueden ingresar a: http://www.simplyzesty.com/advertising-and-marketing/100-brilliantly-creative-bus-shelter-adverts/